"Trust and listen"

- Improv Etiquette

Why do even comedians consider a venue that only does stand-up a comedy club, but not venues that do all forms of comedy?


"Don’t let stepping up to the plate make you slip. You have a job to do. Handle it."

- Improv Etiquette


E-MPROV.com presents Let’s Get Serious, Guys! with Juliette Everhart featuring Dylan Rohde and Nick Armstrong.

In this episode Juliette discusses the idea of building an improv community. Dylan Rohde ( improvinomaha ) is the founder of the Backline Theater in Omaha, NE, Nick Armstrong is a longtime iO West and Groundlings performer and co-founder of the National Improv Network.

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Nick Armstrong was one of the best coaches I ever had. It was an honor to be interviewed with him.

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A very special show has been created in Omaha, and recently KC just tried it because they loved it so much. It’s called The Solo Cup, and it’s a line-up of 1-person improv sets.

It started with us getting really drunk and skunked and getting on stage at 3pm, performing improvised TED Talks to ourselves. After a couple of these, we added improvised poetry slams.

Performers were getting bored with just these two options, however, and we started making it be anything they wanted, as long as it’s improvised and lasts 1-3 minutes.

We didn’t imagine the audience would like it as much as we did, but we tried it, and they did. You might want to experiment with it a couple times yourself before headlining with it, though. It’s also best as the final performance of the night, instead of a typical jam.

Examples of more are: Excerpt from an audio book, reading from a diary, a sermon, a typical 1-person scene, a 6-character scene, a freestyle rap, and feel free to create your own.



It’s shaping up. #proud. @the_backline #comedy #improv

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"Elon Musk is a refreshing reminder of what capitalism and capitalists, can be."


Cool article about Musk, it’s a good overview for the new Elon Enthusiasts and drills down with a capitalists perspective on the impact of SpaceX and Tesla. Here’s a highlight from the article:

Considering all of this, Musk, is perhaps the epitome of what capitalism is supposed to be. While not exactly a rags-to-riches story – Musk came from the comfortable middle and professional classes much as fellow tech-titan Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did – he nonetheless is not a scion of plutocratic elites who earned their money the old fashion way by inheriting it. He is, like many of America’s great entrepreneurs, a man who was in the right place, at the right time, with the right knowledge, the right connections, and the right vision to turn an idea into world or potentially world-changing inventions or business.

What makes Musk an icon, however, is how he is so unlike the plutocrats on Wall Street who gain vast wealth through manipulating mere paper or the likes of oil and mining companies that merely extract naturally-occurring resources for processes and products invented and introduced a long time ago. Musk is instead on the cutting edge of creating something new and different. He is not trying to corner an existing market, as so many folks claiming to be capitalists today, are trying to do. Rather he is inventing entirely new markets that will benefit not just himself but, if he is successful, the entire world, too.

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Nebraskans be like…

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"Feel free to censor your actions, but never your reactions."

- Improv Etiquette

"The big thing that’s related to listening is you have to learn to collaborate on the funny and don’t worry about driving it. That’s the benefit of performing in a group."

- Matt Walsh  (via ucbcomedy)

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